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- We have Pan India Database or All India Mobile number database of around 28 crores. Mobile numbers and email ids database of Companies, mobile number database of Car Owners, mobile numbers and email ids database of BPO companies, mobile numbers of Doctors, mobile numbers and email ids database of SDA Personnels, mobile numbers database of Online Shoppers, mobile numbers and email ids database of E-commercial Companies, mobile numbers database of Job Seekers, Salaried Personnels, Domain Databases and many more categories and filters to select from!!

- We, @CAI are the fastest growing database providers. Providing abundant and premium quality services at an affordable price. Best in the supply of email ids and mobile number database all over the country.

- For the easy access to the clients, we have categories and filters for our services, where a business organisation can get maximum benefits without wasting much of their time, energy and money.  CAI, plays a very important role in the development of any company.

- We are very careful about our policies of data-outsourcing and hence all leads are shared with our clients only after following the proper verification processes as per our companies protocols. All Information, requirements and certifications of our clients and companies are kept highly confidential and premium, thus disallowing any third party to access the same. These databases are fully customized for the aid of easy use by the particular organisation. We work with any organization just like a partner having common interests in creating opportunities for the company and enabling in the hike of Business Growth.

- Since there are a huge number of companies dealing with databases, with the right choice of database provider, an Organization can make its growth faster and smoother. Hence we suggest you to choose CAI as you can easily trust us as thousands of our clients have been holding since so many years.