We have a custom database requirement how you may help us?
    Our team expertise in providing custom database as per your requirement. We have a track record of satisfying some of the most difficult requirements of our clients such as, Home buyers, Purchase manager database, students applied for visa etc.

    How you maintain high quality Databases?
    We have strict quality control norms.  Our Team adhere to various quality control checks. Just to list a few of them:-
    1) Each Email id is checked for proper format using the validation software.
    2) Each Email id is validated for reachability with our Email Verifier software.
    3) All mobile number are verified for format.
    4) Other data were randomly verified to maintain the quality of data 80% to 99% authenticated.
    5) Dead data were removed at regular intervals.

    What are your refund policy?
    We* only deliver once the Client is satisfied with the sample database hence normally we don't initiate any refund due to the digital nature of product.  In an exceptional case, wherein; We* and our clients mutually agree to the inefficiency of the product delivered then, in that case refund can be sanctioned in 72 hours of delivery. The replacement of dead data take place within a week time after delivery. * We Indicate our team and our associate team.

    What are your sources of Database?
    Search Engines, Educational portals,  Business Directories, Job Portals, Automobile Portals, Matrimonial Portals, Finance Portals, B2B Portals, B2C Portals, Travel Portals, E-Commerce Portals, Technology Portals, Online Classifieds, NRI Portals, B2B Magazines, B2C Magazines, Yellow Pages, Industrial Diaries, Exhibition Directories, Event & Seminar Attenders, Association’s Directories, Govt Bodies, News Papers, Field Data Collection, Publications & Sources etc

    What is the Format and Fields in the Database?
    Format of all database is Excel 2007. The Fields are Different for Different categories. Please Contact us for Samples to check fields.

    How Many Records Are Currently In Your Database?
    We strive to offer the most expansive and accurate mobile list anywhere. Currently our database contains over 230 million records.

    How Are The Mobile Cell Phone Numbers Obtained?
    Our mobile numbers are accumulated through various methods, including in-house on-going research, wireless telecom companies, private business sector. Our main database was originally created, designed and maintained for B2B & B2C both, segments of business.

    Do You Offer Discounts On Multiple Purchases?
    Yes! For detailed pricing on large volume orders kindly contact our sales team.

    Do You Offer Refunds?
    Due to the nature of our product, once an account has been activated we do not provide any refunds. Thank You.