Leads Database

DatabaseQuantity Pricing
All India Students Databases7800000078 L1200/- (10,000 Leads)
Ahmedabad Databases List340000034 L1200/- (10,000 Leads)
All India Astrologer Database260000026 L1000/- (10,000 Leads)
All India CEO/Director's Databases7000007 L3000/- (10,000 Leads)
All India Chemical Manufacturers Database490000049 L1800/- (10,000 Leads)
All India Corporates130000013 L2200/- (10,000 Leads)
All India Data Finance150000001.5 Cr2000/- (10,000 Leads)
All India Data Import/Export380000038 L2600/- (10,000 Leads)
All India Data IT & Software Professionals960000096 L1600/- (10,000 Leads)
All India Data Leading Club Members320000032 L1400/- (10,000 Leads)
All India Demat account holders database520000052 l1500/- (10,000 Leads)
All India Election Results180000001.8 CR1000/- (10,000 Leads)
All India Jobseekers530000053 L2100/- (10,000 Leads)
All India Online Shoppers520000052 L1900/- (10,000 Leads)
All India Property & Real Estate Agent Database360000036 L2000/- (10,000 Leads)
All India Pump Submersible Database280000028 L1200/- (10,000 Leads)
All India SMB Companies2400024 K1800/- (10,000 Leads)
Beauty Parlo & Salons Databases4800048 K1100/- (10,000 Leads)
Bulk Sms Databases800000008 CR1000/- (10,000 Leads)
Car Insurance Policy Holders Database640000064 L1600/- (10,000 Leads)
Car Owners Databases190000019 L1600/- (10,000 Leads)
Chartered Accountants540000054 L1000/- (10,000 Leads)
Chennai Databases List340000034 L1200/- (10,000 Leads)
Delhi Databases List980000098 L1200/- (10,000 Leads)
Doctors Databases4800004.8 L 800/- (10,000 Leads)
Email Database of Credit card holders360000036 L1500/- (10,000 Leads)
Email Database of Demat account holders580000058 L1500/- (10,000 Leads)
Email Database of Frequent flyers120000001.2 CR2500/- (10,000 Leads)
Email Database of Job Seekers250000002.5 CR2000/- (10,000 Leads)
Email Database of Lawyers570000057 L1000/- (10,000 Leads)
Email Database of NRI People120000001.2 CR2000/- (10,000 Leads)
Employees Databases580000005.8 CR1000/- (10,000 Leads)
Garment Industry Databases1600016 K1000/- (10,000 Leads)
Gems & Jewellery Databases1200012 K1500/- (10,000 Leads)
Graduate Student Databases420000042 L1200/- (10,000 Leads)
Hotels & Restaurants Databases1500015 K800/- (10,000 Leads)
HR Databases210000021 L1100/- (10,000 Leads)
Indore Databases List170000017 L800/- (10,000 Leads)
IT Companies Databases80008 K2000/- (8,000 Leads)
Jaipur Databases List130000013 L1200/- (10,000 Leads)
Jobseekers Databases360000003.6 CR2500/- (10,000 Leads)
Kolkata Databases List160000016 L1200/- (10,000 Leads)
Manufacturing Companies Databases1600016 K3,000/- (16,000 Leads)
Mumbai Databases List120000001.2 CR1500/- (10,000 Leads)
Mutual Fund Investors Data490000049 L3,000/- (10,000 Leads)
Noida Databases List210000021 L1200/- (10,000 Leads)
Pharma Companies Databases50005 K1400/- (5,000 Leads)
Real Estate Databases250000025 L2000/- (10,000 Leads)
Surat Databases List270000027 L1200/- (10,000 Leads)
Telecom Operator Databases3500035 K1200/- (10,000 Leads)
Thiruvananthapuram Databases List150000015 L1200/- (10,000 Leads)
Travel Agents Databases320000032 L2500/- (10,000 Leads)
Undergraduate Student Databases630000063 L2000/- (10,000 Leads)
WhatsApp Number Databases12000000012 CR1200/- (10,000 Leads)