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- CAI is an organisation that provides a platform in the marketplace for all the organisations of various fields to connect with us in order to meet their requirements of buying and selling databases, both directly and securely.

- Acting as a trusted third-party, we operate on a transaction-based revenue model.

- At CAI, each organisation and it’s needs are rigorously vetted with a thorough process to ensure its identity and needs. Companies can monetize through datasets & APIs, raw data, refined data & insights. We trade in with all kinds of databases here: customer and product-related data, financial data, IT data, etc. CAI is an unique platform, where entrepreneurs can highlight their requirements of databases, while we serve them for benefitting; we still retain complete control over the distribution and configuration of usage rights which would provide the organisations with an opportunity to find the most relevant data sources, schedule recurring data exchanges over time, and receive notifications regarding new opportunities.

- Our approach, based on data privacy by design and by default, ensures that each organisation is benefitted from all necessary information to satisfy their legal obligations, particularly when transferring data containing personal information.

- We are a team of experienced engineers, developers and data scientists. Our goal is to contribute to the Data Economy by facilitating cross border data flow and making data exchange accessible and secure for all economic stakeholders.

- CAI is a Direct Marketing Consultancy providing support to many Commercial and Business Organisations including MNCs in India to promote their products and services through various Direct Marketing tools like Direct Mail, Tele-marketing, Mobile Marketing, Digital Marketing and Email Marketing etc.